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Barking Up Key Web’s Tree

The team of veterinarians behind Furlife had a great idea for a business, but needed a striking, professional brand as well as a high-tech website to pull it off. Their business model was truly one-of-a-kind: customized supplements for your pet based on what’s called a “fur tissue analysis test.” In a nutshell, they would collect samples of your pet’s hair or fur, conduct laboratory tests to identify mineral deficiencies, and then devise a unique supplement regimen based on your pet’s specific nutritional needs. Thus, your beloved furry friends would be sure to get the nutrients and minerals they need the most to stay healthy and strong.





Furlife approached Key Web Concepts to build a brand that would come across as both scientific and friendly. Visually and conceptually, this was a tall order. Blending two elements as different as “science” (cold, sterile, professional) and “friendly” (warm, cozy, approachable) was not an easy task! After a couple rounds of revisions, we arrived at what ended up being a great fit for Furlife: a silhouette of a dog composed of circles. The circles symbolize the countless nutrients and minerals that your pet needs to stay healthy. The typeface we chose is friendly but sleek. The color scheme is medical, yet approachable.

A Tail-Waggin’ Site Design

Furlife posed several challenges when it came to the development of the website, but Key Web was ready to deliver. The website required a complex user system to allow pet-owners to create an account and upload pet information. The main goal of the site was to create a user-friendly customer experience tailor-fit to each individual pet.  On paper, the system sounds straight forward, but the backend logistics were mind-boggling.  Nonetheless, our expert developers were able to deliver exactly what Furlife was looking for.


Speak, Boy!

Our copywriters had a blast performing their own analyses of the content provided by FurLife and expanding upon it to create a cohesive compilation of content composed not only for the pet parents visiting the site, but also for search engine crawlers to help the site be found more easily for a host of relevant search phrases.

Visit the live site here.

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