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  • keyweb
  • Nov 01, 2016

For established, niche businesses that have low to medium online competition OR that are satisfied with their current online presence and want to remain visible to search engines by securing their page rank.


  • Free Initial Consultation
  • Google Analytics
  • Website Analysis
  • HTML Sitemap

Monthly Optimization:

  • Review Content for Improvements
  • Review & Manage Google Analytics
  • Track Activity on Site and Search Inquires
  • Monitor Traffic Referrals and Organic Visitors
  • Verify Meta Tags and Descriptions
  • Title Tags on all Pages
  • Edits to Meta Tags (if shift in industry standards and search trends have been significantly impacted)
  • Test Page Rank for Key Phrases/terms
  • Image Optimization and Verify Alt. Tags
  • Verify Google Webmaster Tools Account
  • Verify HTML Sitemap
  • Add Hyperlinks to Connect for Interlinking
  • Edit H1 and H2 tag Headings

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