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Conducting a Successful Brainstorm

As a chatty, opinionated copywriter who also happens to be fairly creative and who thrives on learning new things, “Brainstorm!”…

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How To Prepare for a Consultation

Embarking on the process of creating your website is exciting stuff, but it can also be frustrating if you aren’t…

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5 Reasons You Should Work with a Local Web Design Company: A Cautionary Tale

The blog posts we write tend to be inspired by the weekly office goings-on: concerns that resurface again and again,…

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Logo v. Brand: Know the Difference, Improve the Process

One thing I love learning is how bands come up with their names, especially when they are unusual or have…

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Simply Put: Minimal, Flat Design is Cool Right Now

It’s virtually impossible to avoid nowadays.  Whether you’re glued to your iPhone, reading Mashable articles, or logging into your Google+…

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The New Yahoo! Logo: A Case of Stolen Identity

After a month of teasing, a healthy dose of optimistic hope and a whole host of crowd-sourced design concepts, Yahoo!…

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A Successful Logo Is Like An A+ Paper

You’re probably wondering how in the world a designing logo could be like writing an essay. Design. Writing. Graphics. Words. What in the world could these things have in common?

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