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“Users Don’t Scroll” and Other Web Design Myths

In an effort to save our web designers (and all web designers!) extra headaches and frustration, I set out this…

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Behind the Scenes: Choosing a Web Hosting Company

It ain’t all SEO sunshine and Pantone rainbows over here at KWC. (It is all kitten GIFs and party parrot…

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SERP Rivalry: Use Local SEO to Win the PageRank Game

Are you a local business owner with a website that keeps ranking lower and lower on Google search results list?…

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Two Birds with One Stone: Responsive Web Design

Take a moment and pull out your smartphone or other mobile device and go to your business’s website. What does…

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Embrace the Scroll: Breaking Down Content for Real People

While blocks of text explaining every detail of a process or a service would undoubtedly be informative, they can also…

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Top 3 Pitfalls to Avoid when Setting Up Your Business Online

While the world of internet marketing is full of financial possibilities, it is just as full of individuals and companies who prey on the uneducated or informed investor. Here are three big cons to be aware of and avoid.

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Three Better Browser Alternatives Now that Internet Explorer Support has Ended

As of January 12, Microsoft has officially stopped supporting all older versions of Internet Explorer, its flagship web browser. Here are some alternative options for you to improve your online experience.

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The New Yahoo! Logo: A Case of Stolen Identity

After a month of teasing, a healthy dose of optimistic hope and a whole host of crowd-sourced design concepts, Yahoo!…

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Facebook’s Great Hashtag #mistake

The Introduction of Hashtags Hashtags were popping up in status updates, comments and photo captions all over Facebook long before…

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The Importance of Internet Security & Social Media Monitoring

What happens when one of the world’s most reputable news sources has their social media account hacked into?

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