Tomorrow is my last day at Key Web Concepts, and the reality is finally setting in. For the better part of 3 years, the Key Web team has been my extended family, and I love them dearly. After all, we’ve had plenty of adventures together — renegade goats, bearded-dragon bites, a deranged gunman on the loose, a brush-fire, Monty Python quotes, office memes, and countless business-card throwing fights — but here we are at last. My time at Key Web is drawing to a bittersweet end. As Gandalf once put it so beautifully: “I will not say: do not weep; for not all tears are an evil.”
For extra sads, watch this video:

A New Adventure Begins

Let me back up a few paces to explain. This past January, I decided to apply for seminary to continue discerning the Catholic priesthood. For those of you who don’t come from a religious background, this might sound pretty crazy. Trust me, it is.

The prospect of being a priest has been a terrifyingly attractive thought to me for a couple of years now. After graduating college, I fell in love with Christ in a new and real way, and through my pastor’s direction and extensive prayer, I was opened up to the life of a priest more and more. Sure, giving up a wife and kids is a huge sacrifice, but the beauty of giving yourself fully to the sick, the lonely, and the spiritually hungry is absolutely gorgeous. As a wise priest once told me: “Everybody is seeking intimacy. How we express that very human need can look quite different.” The priesthood is one very specific path among many.

I became more and more interested until I finally decided to take the risk and apply. After a lengthy and incredibly challenging application process, I’m humbled to say I’ll be entering seminary this August with the support of the Catholic Diocese of Richmond. Interestingly enough, I was designing the new website for the Office of Vocations in the middle of my discernment and application process — which, by the way, will make GREAT homily material if I’m ever ordained! Providence was hard at work for sure.


What Key Web has meant to me

I suppose this brings me to the whole point of my farewell blog post: There’s no way I would have been prepared for this decision if it wasn’t for my time here at Key Web Concepts. Not only did I have the opportunity to grow as a web designer and leader, but my co-workers have been incredible. They are genuine friends that have supported me all along the way. We’ve had lots of deep discussions that have challenged my faith and helped me to grow in new ways. I’m also thankful to have worked with so many awesome clients. It’s been my pleasure to help and serve your businesses, churches, and organizations, and I’ll miss working with you! In short, Key Web helped shape me into the person I am today, and I’ll always be grateful for my time working here.


Looking ahead and not behind

Obviously the next couple of months and years will be very unfamiliar territory for me, and when it comes down to it, I’m pretty freaked out. Giving up my career is dizzying, but it’ll be even harder to leave my family and friends here in Richmond. But I trust that God will provide the strength, courage, and love necessary to do whatever it is He’s calling me to do. With His help, I’ll carry whatever crosses He gives me. I’ll be keeping up a blog of my reflections and experiences at CastingOutFear.org if you’d like to stay posted. Know that you’re in my prayers continually!

In Peace,