Hi! I’m Caitlyn Mayers, and I’m the latest member of Key Web Concepts. I grew up here in beautiful RVA and moved to Chattanooga, TN to attend Southern Adventist University, where I earned a BS in Graphic Design (and also met my wonderful husband, Andrew.)

Prior to joining Key Web Concepts, I worked in the world of advertising, where I was able to focus on branding and gain deep experience in print and digital mediums and their integration.

Waiting in line at the New York Apple Store Waiting in line at the New York Apple Store

I am even-brained, qualifying me as a rare breed of designer that is equal parts creative and analytical. I often swap the hats I wear, transitioning from designer to getting my hands dirty in a little code. I am obsessed with all things digital and am incredibly passionate about technology. You can find me on Twitter discussing the latest responsive design theories or advocating for and encouraging young people, especially women, to pursue careers in technology. I am also a huge Apple Fangirl.

When I’m not working, I’m still working. I seem to have a (good) problem of not being able to stop making things. I work mostly on pro-bono projects for friends and good causes, but I’ll occasionally venture into a home-improvement project. When I’m not working on side projects, I’m working on tackling my list of books to read on Goodreads or my Hulu and Netflix queues. I have an eclectic mix of shows that I love: Breaking Bad, Top Gear UK, any restaurant/kitchen rescue show, Shark Tank, Scandal, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black and Mythbusters, just to name a few.

When the summer arrives and good TV hibernates for the season, I’ll spend a significant portion of TV time catching up on classic TV shows I was unable to view during their primetime popularity. My other summer activity is spending weekends with my love on The Rivah; reading, eating, spending time with our families and friends and finding ways to injure ourselves during water sports.

I am an incredibly passionate person—especially when it comes to technology, the web, and design—and I am excited about the opportunities to tackle new challenges and discover and implement solutions for clients, and very am much enjoying creating and innovating with the team at Key Web Concepts.