Hello! My name is Zoya Mirza and I am the new intern at Key Web Concepts! I was born in Karachi, Pakistan but I have spent most of my life traveling place to place. At the age of five I moved to Africa and from there I have been moving state to state in the United States.  I have spent most of my life in New York so I totally consider myself a true New Yorker!  There isn’t anything about New York that I don’t like, from the amazing restaurants, subway and traffic, to the pollution and clutter.

I have completed my Associates Degree at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College and I am currently a junior at Virginia Commonwealth University with a Mass Communication major focusing on Public Relations, which I am really passionate about. I love VCU and all that it has to offer, and the fact that it is in such an urban location makes it feel a little closer to home!


I remember walking in to the interview for this internship and Jim asked me what my hobbies were and the first thing that came out of my mouth was “shopping!”  I was a little embarrassed and wanted to change my answer and say “I mean reading a good book!” (But it was too late).

Here’s my chance to redeem myself! Yes I do love shopping and fashion but I am an even bigger fan of food! I love trying different things, food festivals, different restaurants and hole in the wall places. I love to travel as much as I can (hoping to visit Thailand soon!) and I also love being outdoors (hiking, amusement parks, pools, beaches), and I actually do enjoy reading! I am a big Philosophy and Ethics fan so I mainly read within that topic in my free time.

There’s a life outside of retail?

I have been in retail management for 8 years and currently I’m a manager at a local boutique called Epic. Retail is all I had known for a very long time, which is why I am super excited to be interning at Key Web! I have been working for small businesses for as long as I could walk (since my father is small business owner) and I can say it has definitely taught me a great deal.

However, I am ready to step outside of the retail world to do something I am passionate about and learn about the world of Web Design and Marketing! I only hope to gain as much knowledge as I can and take some of the work load off of the staff!

First Impressions…

I was so nervous my first day! I walked in not knowing what to expect but walked out with a big smile on my face. Everyone was so welcoming! I loved seeing my name on the board and getting a little packet of information which took A LOT of the tension away (Thanks Gavin!). Erin, Maria and Gavin have helped a great deal trying to get me in the swing of things and I truly appreciate that.

I am extremely excited about this learning experience; I definitely go home and brag about the things I was introduced to and use words like “SEO” and “Optimization.” I hope to one day take the knowledge I have gained here and use it to advance in my career. I am so excited to work with such a talented staff who seem to work in such individual and unique ways but cohesively come together to get things done!

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