VINE: Viewing Interesting, Not-so-Newsworthy Events

Express your brand in 6 seconds or less with one of latest social media apps out there.  If you have not heard of Vine it may be because it has just recently started to sky rocket as the latest cutting edge platform that Twitter has acquired.

For all of you who may be unfamiliar with this newest app here is a short definition.

Vine is… “a new mobile service that lets you create and share beautiful, short looping videos. With Vine, capturing life in motion is fun and easy.”

A breakdown of what Vine actually does is pretty simple. It allows users to create a short video clip that is up to six seconds long that can be captured through your phones camera lens. You are only recording  when the screen is pressed which allows stop and go footage giving it a .gif like effect with the combination of audio.

How Vine Got Their Start

Vine launched in Janurary of this year, but did not start to take off until late March when businesses saw a way for them to get creative and use the social platform as a way to market themselves and their brand when used correctly and effectively.

Top Five ways to use Vine for Marketing your Business

1. Audience Engagement

  • What better way to engage your clients or potential clients than with such a simple social media outlet. It is always important to create content that is fun and enjoyable and by doing so, people will want to participate with your brand. According to 6 Second Marketing: Why Your Business Should Be on Vine by giving users (a.k.a. potential customers) a fun and unique way to engage with your products or services is a great way to generate leads and also strengthen your chances of lead conversion.

2. Behind the Scenes

  • Everyone wants an inside scoop of what your office looks like. For us at Key Web, we have a Designers suite… aka “Bull Pen” and a Copywriter suite… aka “We don’t have a fun name yet so we just say copywriter suite.” Why not show users your working environment, so that they feel a part of the team as well.
  • You also want to educate and teach your audience about your company, even throwing in a short 6 second video of the history of the company using your white board to get the message across.

3. Showcasing your personality

  • Humanization is one of the best qualities that you can have. Without showing your employee’s personality your company may seem a little lost in the business aspect, but hey we all have our quirks about us. Introducing your employees in their own vine will make them come to life to your clients and future customers.  “Companies should come across as social on social media, so if you can find a way to make your brand sound more human, more relatable, that’s a big win.”
  • Office fun. Does that even need an explanation?  Since we are in a creative field, we do need to take short breaks to goof off, or listen to music to get our juices flowing and at Key Web there is usually always something going on in the office.  Whether it is business cards flying across the room, a bearded dragon on the loose, Jim letting his fish go in the pond or a luncheon featuring Taco Bell. What a better way to connect with users than to show them that we like to have a good time too.

4. Promotions

  • If you have a new marketing campaign that is getting ready to launch, or a BRAND NEW website why not give people a sneak peak at it? Users love hype surrounding something new, and get just as excited as your company when they see that you have added another snippet with different sneak previews.

5. Product Display

  • Showing off your recent product launches is a great way to engage users and show the world what you have to offer. What better way to get feedback on a upcoming project or product than from your users and customers. Maybe you are thinking of adding another service, but would want your user’s opinions on the subject, so just ask them but without words. Show them in a creative way, by using Vine.

Who is Doing it Right?

There are many different ways that you can use vine for your company, and Lowe’s has taken their branding by storm.

They started their spring campaign showcasing tips & tricks for homeowners using this 6 second platform, and their Vines are going viral. They started with an idea, brought that idea to life and are helping people find easier ways to do things around the house. It is Genius.

Get in Vine

Vine is another social media tool that you have to make sure you keep updated and on top of in order for it to work. You cannot let it go by the wayside, expecting that to help you better market and brand yourself. If you keep up with vine as a business, and share an insight into your world to your users, than it will gain value. Just like with any social media outlet that you keep using, researching and continue to create great content then your marketing opportunities could be countless.

We just started our Vine but are very excited to keep up with it and bring you great content and even some special previews that we have. Follow us and stay in the loop… get it?

For some more creative Vine videos check out Mashable’s article on the 17 Amazing Vines of Unexpected Pairs

Happy Friday Everyone! – Sarah