Looking back on my time in the Copywriter’s Den

The past three months at Key Web Concepts definitely made my last semester at college a lot more interesting. I watched two bearded dragons attempt to solve their cohabitation issues (which didn’t end well), printed out way too many memes for the meme walls, and listened to Erin play a million different songs when picking out her “Friday song.” The only thing I didn’t do was play foosball on the foosball table two feet away from my desk. Go figure.


first impressions

  • Everyone is really friendly and welcoming. The work environment is kind of casual, and my boss Erin definitely kept a relaxed vibe in the marketing/copywriting room. With my schedule, I was usually working with Sarah, who was super helpful throughout my time at Key Web.
  • The office itself is fun and creative. The office has a giant whiteboard wall, which I wrote on a lot throughout my internship.
  • Bearded dragons do not smell like sweet peach perfume

learning on the job

  • The hardest part of the job (and most jobs in my experience) is getting a handle on the organization of the office. That’s even harder for web-based businesses, where there are a ton of files you need to access and as an office noob, you have no idea where they are. It was a good thing I had Sarah as a deskmate to answer my millions of questions.
  • While I was familiar with SEO from having used it with some past projects, I quickly realized just how much there is to learn on the subject. Since Google’s algorithms are always changing, there’s always more to learn. Along with copywriting, it’s definitely a skill that I will be continuing to work on for future jobs.

fun times all around


  • As mentioned before, the office was home to two bearded dragons when I first got here–one male, Slider, and one female, Widget. The female one was scarily violent towards her roommate, and she was so big that we constantly assumed she was pregnant. I’m guessing that was her was of telling the male one that there wasn’t room in the terrarium for both of them, and in the end, she won out. RIP Widget.
  • Apart from the animals we have inside the office, there frequently seems to be some animals roaming outside or office building. When Sarah was in intern, it was these mysterious white goats. A couple months into my internship, we were visited by not one, but two cute geese families. Photo cred goes out to Erin for the photo on the right.
  • Another thing that mysteriously appeared during my time at Key Web was our new employee Maria! She was an awesome addition to our department, and I’m not just saying that because she frequently gave us her extra Oreos.
  • I got a free lunch more than once, so I’d say this internship experience was a success.

coming to a close


  •  All good things must come to an end, and now that I’m a college graduate (woo hoo!), my time at Key Web is wrapping up. On my last day I got a funny card and desk decorated with inside jokes. Here’s a photo of my card in which somebody spent way too much time Photoshopping my face onto the male members of the international pop band phenomenon, S Club 7. It was time well spent.
  • And just for fun, here’s a photo of me on my last day when my fork broke while attempting to eat my lunch, resulting in me spilling it all over myself. My resemblance to Grumpy Cat is uncanny.


Auf wiedersehen, Key Web. It’s been fun.