The life and times of being an intern at Key Web Concepts…

consisted of DEATH, DRUGS (coffee), AND ROCK & ROLL.

Now that I have your attention I will go into detail  about the opening events.  Oceans and oceans of coffee was consumed by the office and a horrific death; Widget the female lizard murdered Slider the male lizard.  No one can prove it but it is an unspoken office fact that she took his life following an undocumented domestic dispute, leading up to the murder Slider was experiencing a serious depression and refused to eat, tragic story. Rock & Roll, which is mainly because of Erin’s aka E.B.’s constant use of Grooveshark (an ancient music site created in 1931).

My first thought:

I remember my first day when Gavin was giving me a quick overview of the systems used and thinking, “This is ridiculous, I am definitely going to forget everything by the time I walk to my car.”

First impression:

I felt extremely overwhelmed in the beginning, not because of anything in particular, just because of the fact that all new jobs make me nervous and It didn’t help that I had no idea what Gavin was talking about.


What I have learned:

SEO is the easiest most difficult process EVER, it makes so much sense but is insanely unused.  There is no way to master it; you can only hope that it embraces you.

Ryan’s Final thoughts:

All jokes aside, there are two things that I must address, I regret not spending more time searching for memes and I must make one recommendation to Jim (The Owner)… now that I think about it two things; one would be replacing the Foosball table with either air hockey or America’s game, water pong and the second would be replacing the murderous and most likely serial killer lizard with penguins.

In the end:

I hope to one day work in a marketing agency that is as fun, constructive, family-ish, and filled with a smorgasbord of good mojo and juju like this one. A priceless opportunity that will never be forgotten and is much appreciated, something I will tell my great, great, great, grandkids about one day.

Packer (Seacrest) out!