Key Web welcomes the newest addition to our staff, Maria Soliven, Marketing Assistant

With all the new updates going on at Key Web Concepts, it became pretty clear rather quickly that we would need some support in the marketing division. Maria is fun-loving, charismatic, and a hard worker. She joined us in March but has proved to be the missing link to our team. Quickly connecting with clients, brainstorming on ideas for projects, and even dabbling in some proposal writing, she has already made an impact to Key Web. I might call her “The Mini” here and there, but that’s just because it flows with “Maria” and she kind of resembles my method of thinking and strategy approach. Of course it has nothing to do with the fact she’s at least 2 feet shorter than me! (wink)

Meet The Mini!

internet marketing My name is Maria, but some people call me by my more exciting full name, Maria Fatima Yvanna DeGuzman Soliven. I came straight out the Beaches of Virginia, where I lived for more than 17 years. I love to sing, play the guitar and ukulele, and longboard down moderately sloping hills on a 70 degree Saturday morning – just to feel the wind rushing through my hair. But that’s just me.

I graduated from Longwood University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies last May, and it was money well-borrowed. The institution provided me with so many opportunities to get my hands dirty (figuratively and literally) and I took advantage of it. I wrote scripts for university webisodes, I was in front of a camera and behind a camera. I wrote for the newspaper and guest-hosted radio shows. I designed t-shirts, web pages, newspaper layouts, and magazine covers. I spoke to hundreds of high school seniors and then threw candy at them. I interviewed headliners at university festivals and at one point, rapper Baby Bash called me “biffle”… Life was fun, and I wanted everyone to know that I had Longwood to thank.  In the words of my late and well respected Public Relations professor, Dr. Stewart, I was “Living the Brand”.

My internships in radio and in commercial production showed me what “living the brand” meant in the real world, and I fell even more in love with the idea. This concept was what made me realize my passion for marketing. I am now four weeks into my position as KWC’s Marketing Assistant, and I am enjoying every minute of it… Lucky me! I’m eager to know this field inside and out, right side up, and upside down.  I’ve learned so much in the past month, and I am ever so anxious to learn more and put my skills to good use.

Watch out for this one….
Maria is initially responsible for assisting with print projects and strategic copywriting for our clients. She will have a strong role in all of our social media efforts and search engine optimization as well. We’re all excited for what’s next to come for Key Web Concepts!