My eventful time here as the Key Web Intern

I cannot believe I am writing my farewell blog already, almost as much as I can’t believe how early the office started listening to Christmas music (not that I am complaining).

In the past 3 months I have learned so much and gotten to know some super-awesome web ninjas. This is one of the best experiences I’ve had during my college career and it has finally made me realize what I want to do when I graduate as I enter the “real” world.

First Thoughts

  • When I started my journey as an intern for Key Web I thought to myself, I hope everyone is as nice as they look and I wonder if I will ever have to get anyone coffee. My first thought was correct, everyone was very welcoming and they were funny too, especially Anthony with his impressions.

My second thought about getting coffee was off because little did I know but our office was going to turn into a Starbucks right around Thanksgiving thanks to our barista J, who knows how to make a great White Chocolate Mocha.

First impressions…

  • I was put under Erin’s wing, which worked out very well because we had similar personalities, and I was a little bit more organized than her, which she used to her benefit. Here is a rare shot of her desk (and only time it has looked this messy) right after her birthday surprise.

key web concepts copywriter desk

At first I was nervous because I did not want to mess up or not know how to do something, but I always understood what Erin needed from me and what my assignments were. She taught me everything I needed to know while interning here, and many things that I will continue to use throughout my life.

What I learned…

  • SEO was a foreign language to me before I started here at Key Web Concepts and with Erin’s guidance I have gotten a  grasp on the concept – but you do learn more and more about SEO every day. There isn’t a time when you know everything about it.

I am excited to continue working with SEO and Google Analytics as I move forward towards my future career.

I think what I enjoyed the most was working on small projects for clients, including editing content and blog posts. I have enjoyed every task and assignment, and I wish my time here did not have to end so soon.

Now onto a less serious matter…

  • There were many strange things that happened during my time here at Key Web. First, the goats – who seemed to be almost like mythical unicorns – appearing and disappearing into the forest outside of the parking lot.

They were never able to be caught no matter how many times Ashley called animal control, they were that sneaky. To me, the thing that was stranger than the goats was the fact that CBS6 (WTVR) came to do a story on these creatures and interviewed two of our own, Ashley and Anthony.

Secondly, Jim decided that we needed more than fish in the office and brought in a pair of Bearded Dragons: Widget and Slider or Slider and Widget — considering we didn’t know who the boy was and who the girl was until a few days after they had been welcomed into the office!

They are a feisty bunch, Widget quickly became pregnant and laid eggs – which are now being incubated in the closet down the hall. <– That is completely normal office behavior if you ask me. ; )

All good things must come to an end…

    • It has been a very eventful and great experience being the Intern here and I hope I left a good impression. I am going to miss sitting in the bull-pen in my little lime green corner with the dragons sitting behind me staring at me as I do my work.

Farewell Key Web, I shall hopefully see you soon!

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Thanks for everything,

Sarah Gannett