Farewell intern Becca, Welcome intern Sarah

We’ve had a couple new faces this summer: Intern Michelle, Intern Becca, new employee Lindsey, and now we welcome Intern Sarah.  Before Becca went back to school and finished up her summer internship, I asked her to write a blog about her experience with us. I thought it would be amusing for our readers and more importantly –  it might offer a little insight for the fall intern.

Social Media, Copywriter

Intern Sarah

Sarah Gannett joins us from Virginia Commonwealth University as a Mass Comm intern (same major I had!) – I’ll tell you more about the newbie later, but first – let’s see what Becca had to say about working with us…..

Ps – slightly edited for formatting – direct quotes are verbatim of Intern Becca… the following is from Becca Neidle and represent the opinions and ideas of Becca Niedle only and not in any manner accurately reflect the ongoings of Key Web Concepts and their antics in the bullpen or otherwise… 😉

What’s a Becca Noise?

  • Key Web has been a place where I enjoy coming to every day, where I feel like I’m both learning and contributing, and I would definitely come back to.
  • On my first day, I wasn’t sure what I had gotten myself into. I walked into the “Bullpen” to find my desk in a corner surrounded on two sides by green-screen colored walls (one of which mostly covered with whiteboard paint) and a Periodic Table of Typography directly in front of me.
  • Memes and other funny internet-related things lined the other walls. There were business cards littering the floor and the guys in their own separate corners introduced themselves as “The Designers”.

    marketing and web design

    Intern Becca & Head Word Ninja – Erin

I figured out that the skills I learned in the classroom were actually applicable (would you look at that!?).

  • What has really made my internship experience stand out from anything else I’ve done thus far, though, is the people. I really have loved coming here every day and working with some of the most genuine, talented, and all-around wonderful people.
  • I know that when I leave, it won’t be the last Key Web will hear from me. The web ninjas should be prepared for emails and liking all of the things on Facebook. Look out!
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Say hi to Intern Sarah:

Let’s hope she continues the saga of happy interns…

When did you start at Key Web?

I started my fall internship with Key Web on August 27th 2012!

Where do you go to school? What do you major in?

I am currently a senior at VCU, majoring in Mass Communications with a concentration in PR and a minor in General Business

What is your position/role?

Copywriting/ Social Media Intern

Where are you from? Where do you live now?

I am from Triangle, VA which is right outside of Quantico, VA, but now I live in Richmond in the West end near Short pump.

How did you get started in web design?

I actually grew up with my brother designing websites when he was in high school so I have always been interested in web design. One of my favorite classes at VCU so far was the PR graphics class where we designed brochures, posters, web layouts and other things that deal with graphic design.

Any other experience within this industry that you will be implementing with KWC?


I definitely am very interested in social media and marketing. Since I am an intern I hope to learn a lot of new experiences while here at KWC, especially project management and advertising/branding.

What other hobbies do you have?

I love photography and editing video/film.  Also I love kids, so I am one of the few who love babysitting or being a part time nanny, and really enjoy helping others who might need some extra help. And of course, cats.

What do you hope to gain from Key Web Concepts?

I hope to gain a lot of experience from Key Web Concepts that will help me as I get ready to graduate and move into the real world and finding that perfect job. I want to gain better writing skills and get involved in SEO. I am really excited to just see how this company works and everyone who is involved in it and to gain experience in all parts of KWC.

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