A successful website design delivers a great experience. At Key Web Concepts, we’ve gained a solid reputation for creating designs that impress site owners and visitors alike. Refreshing your website gives you the opportunity to update and enhance your image online.

the before

website before redesign

River Road United Methodist Church approached Key Web Concepts looking for a complete overhaul of their image– starting with their website.

The continued growth of their congregation gives them the unique opportunity to offer a more modern service every Sunday as well as the traditional worship service – offering them both a new direction as well as new challenges.

After the initial face-to-face meeting, River Road decided to move forward with our infamous Small Business Start-Up Package

Considering the needs of River Road, this package was a great starting point in the first phase of creating a new “image.”

the after

final website redesign

Website Goal:

To display their commitment to their Methodist heritage while at the same time projecting a cutting edge look to the site.

Key Web Concepts welcomed this challenge, starting with collaboration efforts from our creative team which very much involved the staff at River Road United Methodist. Together we were able to come up with a solid concept and marketing model.


Justin Hicks (Director of Youth Ministries) worked directly with us to establish a refined logo with bold, simple text and a unique cross design.

Business Cards:

Instead of traditional business cards, River Road UMC opted instead to have us design a fun “welcome card” to let visitors and guests know what time worship services were held.

Social Media:

The church was able to immediately apply this new logo to their facebook and twitter pages, sending this rebrand into full-swing!

Content Management System:

Next was the real challenge — streamlining the existing River Road UMC website to fit into a sleek and attractive content management system.  Their original website had a massive amount of great content and images, but it was becoming virtually unmanageable.  It was just too much work to keep up with that many pages, and much of the content was getting outdated.  And as we all know, the latest Google algorithms indicate that regular content upkeep is a huge component of solid SEO (search engine optimization).  So needless to say, downsizing was a major priority.

Layout & Design:

Directed by the vision of River Road UMC’s team of pastors, elders and leaders, Key Web Concepts provided the solution by designing a color-coded site architecture based off three of the church’s main focus areas:

river road logo

  • Connect with God
  • Connect with Each Other
  • Connect with the World

This clear and precise framework allowed us to build a dynamic website that was both visually engaging and informational.

Unique Add-ons and Features for River Road UMC

  1. Integrated Google Calendar for a full schedule of church events
  2. Streaming sermons, uploaded directly to the site
  3. Rotating homepage banner to advertise upcoming events and holidays
  4. Integrated blog for reflections and notes from the pastor
  5. Rotating Bible verses and images on informational pages
  6. Prayer request form

All of these tools give River Road UMC the means to connect with people and to help build the faith of their community.  Key Web Concepts had a wonderful time helping them bring their vision to reality, and we wish them all the best in their mission.

“We are really pleased with the outstanding work that Key Web has done  on our website. The site is very user friendly and easy to update. They really took the time to find out what our needs were as a church and designed a website that far exceeded our expectations. ”

-Justin Hicks, Director of Youth Ministries