Key Web Concepts might have to get a bigger office! In the past month or so, we have added two new staff members to our team: Daniel Acree and Michelle Lefebvre.
“So far so good”, says the two newbies.
I suppose they haven’t gotten to know J all that well yet. 😉

Introducing Daniel, our newest website designer.

He began just after the Holidays (does CEO Jim Thomas have this secret knack of hiring people when they’re already expecting presents?)

Daniel likes us so much, he travels an hour and half every day — to work with us lovely, crazy, creative people. Which is good, obviously; we wanted another awesome web designer to add to our already awesome team. He has several years of experience in graphic design and website design, including running his own company, Nextmark Design.

We’ve thrown him small clients to large clients, from simple to extravagant, and he has continued to impress time after time. Each challenge he has conquered, and each test he has surpassed, all with a smile on his face too. That’s more than we can say about a lot of folks.

But it’s true, “I have a passion for making beautiful user-friendly designs that help my clients succeed on the web.” And he shares that passion with the rest of us. Perhaps that drive and dedication to success and great design is exactly what convinced Jim to offer him the position. And we’re glad he did.

Fun Facts about Daniel:

Daniel Acree

  • He is originally from Bremo Bluff, Virginia. » Heard of it? Neither have I. Sounds like a poker game if you ask me. Daniel himself says “it’s about an hour and half from Key Web Concepts… or any other semblance of civilization.”
  • He’s a musician.  » Eh, most creative people have multiple talents, it’s just something we were born with. (ahem)  — But seriously, he is extremely gifted in creating original music and performing with his band, The Acree Brothers – his band was 1 of 3 finalists to compete  in LA at the National U Rock Battle of the Bands. Right on!
  • When he’s not being creative at the office or in the studio, you can find Daniel playing family-man at his home with his lovely wife, Christan.Welcome to the team Daniel, you’ve already proven to be a valuable asset and we are happy to have you join us.

    PS – it was Jim’s idea to sit you next to J.

    Backstreets Back ?

    Oh, and Anthony wants to know if you’re a backstreet boy?

    Now let’s go meet The Intern!