Key Web Concepts might have to get a bigger office! In the past month or so, we have added two new staff members to our team: Daniel Acree and Michelle Lefebvre.

“So far so good”, says the two newbies.

I suppose they haven’t gotten to know J all that well yet. 😉

Dun dun dun » The INTERN.

Yep, we have one of them too.

–I like my coffee to look like chocolate milk, Jim actually prefers that it is chocolate milk, Anthony likes his black, Daniel (well I don’t know about him yet, but I’d suspect The Intern does)… Ashley – I don’t think she drinks coffee and J? Well J is just a coffee snob so who knows when it comes to him… (I bet The Intern does).

Meet Michelle:  A blonde little lady with lots of ambition. Not to mention, it’s kinda nice having another female in the bullpen. The “man-lunch” outings were getting a little annoying.

Michelle studied graphic design in the Fine Arts program at John Tyler Community College. She worked as a graphic designer at a print shop for two years before joining us this year at Key Web Concepts. After doing graphic design, she realized her next goal was website design. She’s adapted well and is eager to grow as whole – in the design industry.


Besides the silly errands we may, or may not have Michelle do, she keeps a good spirit and is anxious to prove herself to the “man up the hall”. We’re starting to move her into the conference room during our consultations and she just might have what it takes to make it in this crazy whole wide web world. (<– say that three times fast)

My only complaint with The Intern is that she needs a new football team. Greenbay Packers, really?

Fun Facts about Michelle:

  • The girl is originally from Canada! » That might not be a big deal to some of you but, sheesh, color me intrigued. She moved to Chesterfield six years ago and already knows her way around the busy streets of Richmond.
  • She’s a photographer. » (See what I mean? Creative people have talents, not talent. Ninja moves maybe?)
    Michelle practices in Real Estate Photography and loves capturing the right image at the right moment with just the right lighting. Editing and designing images comes with ease after the perfect shot.
  • She says we are “very creative and friendly.” » Hey, if that’s not a fun fact, I don’t know what is!I must admit, Michelle seems to be fitting in just fine with us here — even if we do call ourselves “web-wizards”, “graphic-magicians”, and “word-ninjas”. After all, with so much creative buzz crawling the ceilings and walls of our office, we will need someone to organize our Key Web “Concepts”; the Project Manager position opening up anytime soon in the future, Jim?


    Welcome to the team, Intern, soon enough we’ll get over this whole “intern” gig and start calling you Michelle. You know, like when the next intern gets hired maybe?

    Keep up the good work, don’t give up, and always remember – “man-lunches” have nothing on us! Right, Ashley?