Google Says Content Must Change, and Must Change Regularly

I hate to say “I told you so,” so I won’t. But I will remind you: Content is King.

Google and it’s ever-changing ways. How do we keep up?
I will tell you how, ninja style. Stay ahead of the game and a step behind “The Google”.

(The Google: An important and demanding, yet, very valuable search engine on the Internet that controls a large majority of the traffic to your site, or lack there of – “The Google Knows Best”).

I know it’s frustrating when you think you’re ahead in your SEO tactics, then The Google throws another curveball. headlines this change with: “New Google Search Update Could Spell More Trouble for Business Websites”. Now do we have your attention?

Google Demands Content Updates, standard SEO does not cut it

The Google reminds us once again that content means everything. With the ever-changing SEO guidelines that google seems to spit out every other quarter, it challenges businesses to stay on their toes. Then there’s the debate on whether Google penalizes those websites that don’t update their content on a consistent basis or not. On the web-waves now it’s either

* Update your content regularly because Google only favors fresh, updated content


* Unless your constantly covering current and recent events, regular content updates are not necessary.

Search Engine Watch points out that many webmasters/publishers struggle with creating new and engaging content as regulary as Google demands it.  Search Engine Watch also warns  to remember, though, that quality, evergreen content can hold its value for years; keep the topic and immediacy of searches in mind when creating new content.

One thing we also need to keep in mind when battling The Google is that your product, in the end, is bought by the consumer – a human being, not a search engine. Yes, you must attract those google web crawlers to your site by keywords and relevant content, but those sneaky crawlers are smarter than you think. If it’s stuffed with keywords and not readable by a real person, they will know and it will find you, then shut you down.

This new update is basically a newsflash screaming “FRESH content is FAVORED”, but it’s only actually detrimental to those businesses that are challenged to to produce timely content, specifically referring to

* recent events
* hot topics
* recurring events
* topics with frequently updated information

So keep this in mind when updating your content, Google is taking a stab at another tool that in the end is geared towards giving the end-user the most accurate result for their search, google recognizes when the topic and immediacy of the search matters most. says  “If you don’t update your business website very often, you may want to rethink your online strategy.” That’s a pretty bold statement, stating that this change is expected to affect as much as 35 percent of all searches on Google.

Create a Blog

This is key.
This is actually your golden ticket to get google’s spider to crawl on your web. Blogs are constantly changing, so link it with a wordpress site and it’s automatically embedded in your site and therefore counts as content management. UPDATE your blog — it’s a win win, you’re with the times and Google likes you.

* Unique
* High-quality
* Relevent
* Useful
* Helpful
* Informative
* Current
* Create content with value that your audience can’t help but want to seek it out
* Make “sharing” your content/blog/article easy

Add to this content. Maintain this content. And continue to nourish to this blog!

Visitors trust sites when they can go to it and recognize that the site is useful and established, and of course up-to-date.
Blogs are effective in the sense that a lot of common businesses have no other way to produce new and fresh content that can be frequently updated. Just keep your posts short and informative on a specific topic, this could be news about your business, a new product, a new employee, anything new for that matter.

The SEO updates with meta tags and keywords is just NOT enough anymore says google, content content content.

May I remind you – CONTENT IS KING!

Now, don’t try and rush into developing new content, Google is smarter than you think. Trust us, we’re the professionals. Those google spies will catch you and significantly devalue your ranking if they find:

* copied content
* spun articles
* fabrications
* keyword stuffed content

Now back to driving traffic to your site, back to SEO tips. Staying up to date on these search engine trends can be exhausting, (you heard it here first)  it’s frustrating to figure out when Google is going to change it’s mind again or if THIS time, the rules are here to stay.