Anthony joined Key Web Concepts just a few days after I started working here.

But who cares who’s first, right? 😉

Since I posted a nice little introduction about myself, I deemed it only appropriate to do so for my new co-worker, Anthony Ferguson. He’s an extremely talented artist and was chosen as one of our web designers for a reason; he excels in illustration, print/web design and logo development.

“I graduated from the University of Richmond in May 2010 with a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art and Art History. After graduating college, I spent over a year working as the full-time graphic designer for Velocity Micro, and helped them launch a line of Android tablets called Cruz. I left Velocity Micro in September 2011 and currently work at Key Web Concepts.”

(good move Anthony!)

He’s hardworking and creative, and has quite the speedy turn around when handed a project. His talent is very unique and we are all happy to have him on board.

Anthony says: “…I almost always focus on the spiritually provocative with a dash of humor. I am unafraid to ruffle feathers and I refuse to hide behind ambiguous and convoluted meanings for my work. Bottom line, I believe that whatever I have accomplished in my life and in my art is not my own work, but the undeserved grace of God. Art is what I have to share, so I’m going to go at it full throttle! So don’t expect me to hide it away in an act of false humility!”

AKA – he’s going to bring a lot to the table. Want something exceptional created for your website that stands out from the rest? We got your guy.

J, you’re still a graphic magician and perfectly awesome in every way 🙂