Facebook has made it official: tabs are getting resized, and “Boxes” are getting dumped completely.

Previously, Facebook posted in its Developer Blog that tabs (the different areas in or sections of your Page) would be getting smaller and that “Boxes” would be phased out entirely. However, the exact date for the change, as well as specific dimensions, were not available at the time.

The momentum has been building slowly over the months, and now the time for change is near.

Facebook announced August 23 as the official “launch” date for the changes. Tabs will now be 520 pixels wide, instead of 760 pixels. “Boxes” will not longer be displayed on the Wall tab or in its own “Boxes” tab.

Page Admins will have the chance to get ready for the tab width reduction. You can preview your custom tabs in 520 pixels so you can see what modifications need to be made. Page tabs will automatically be resized starting the week of August 23.

Do You Need to Check Your Page?

Facebook is allowing Page Admins to preview their custom content in the new Tab width.

The process is pretty simple. Just log in to Facebook and go to the Page(s) you are the Admin for. At the top of the screen, you’ll see this message from Facebook:

Preview Your New Page Layout

To make your Page easier to browse, we’re simplifying a couple things: 1. Boxes are going away (including the Boxes tab); 2. All custom tabs will be narrower (520 pixels). This is your chance to preview your Page and make edits as needed before the new layout goes public on August 23.

You’ll be able to click around and note what changes are needed to preserve the formatting. Make sure to implement those changes ahead of the August 23 deadline!

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