Facebook puts rumors about charging fees to rest.  Again.

If you’ve been to the Facebook website recently, you’ve probably noticed there’s something different about it.

After a couple seconds, you realize what’s changed: there’s a new statement from Facebook about the nature of its services. Now when you sign up or log in, you’ll see the following message: Sign Up | It’s free (and always will be)

Facebook fees have long been the subject of email chain letters, Facebook group invites and other sources that write the book on urban legends. The rumors tend to follow the same basic form: “On (this date), Facebook will charge you (this dollar amount) to use Facebook.”

Time and time again, Facebook has countered the false reports, reaffirming that Facebook started off free, and its creators intend to keep things that way. There’s even a post in the Facebook Help Center that explains that Facebook is free.

Still, the stories and scares continue to thrive. A quick search in Facebook for “Facebook charges” brings up various Page, group and web results that would make you think Facebook’s going to start charging fees tomorrow.

By putting a statement right on the home page, Facebook has shown that it’s determined to do some serious myth-busting.

Do you think Facebook’s action will help? Will Facebook finally have the “last word”? Or will the fear of fees continue to rule?

Director of Internet Marketing