A couple weeks ago, Facebook introduced a long-awaited change to its Pages: the ability to remove any Page Administrator.

Before now, you could not remove the original creator of a Page.  Whoever first set up a company’s Page was essentially its permanent curator (or at least one of them).

This automatic status created various headaches for businesses.  For some companies, they were stuck with an external person still exercising control after switching Page management from a third-party firm to an employee or a division in-house.

Problems would also arise if an employee was abusing his or her privileges as a Page Administrator.  Companies were pretty much helpless if said employee decided to post irrelevant statuses or divulge personal information to the business’ audience.  They were unable remove that Admin.

One of the biggest headaches was what could be done if any employee who oversaw a Page quit or was fired. If that person left on bad terms and wanted to delete the Page, he or she had the perfect opportunity to do so.  Even if the split was amicable, there was still the issue of protecting sensitive company data from someone no longer with the company.

Thanks to this welcome (and long overdue) change, companies should be able to breathe a bit easier.

With all of that said . . . .

How Do I Remove A Facebook Page Administrator?

It’s pretty simple to remove an Admin.

  1. Log in to Facebook, and access your Page normally.
  2. Underneath your Page’s profile picture, you’ll notice an “Edit Page” link.  Click on that link.
  3. Now you’re looking at your Page’s dashboard/control panel.  Scroll down to the “Admin” section (it’ll be on the right-hand side).
  4. You’ll see the pictures and names of all Page Admins. Underneath each entry is a “Remove Admin” link.  Click on the appropriate link to remove the person you who will no longer be managing the Page.

*A note of caution: Be careful when you choose an Admin to remove!  Facebook doesn’t ask you to confirm your selection or if you’re sure you want to take this action.  Exercise caution so you don’t accidentally delete yourself.

Director of Internet Marketing