You’ve heard all about Twitter. Your company seems interested in developing a Facebook Page. You’re considering setting up a LinkedIn profile.

But why? Getting involved sounds like a good idea, but what kinds of benefits are there to social media?

Increased Visibility
A presence on a site like Facebook could substantially increase your visibility on the Internet. There are millions of users looking for and sharing information across these platforms. By being there and providing engaging content, your company can gain more exposure…exposure that could drive more traffic to your website, or lead to new customers.

Business Networking and Collaboration
You can find and interact with other professionals in your field by:

  • trading tips.
  • recommending resources.
  • offering advice.

LinkedIn’s Answers is a great place to talk to new people, as well as establish yourself as an industry expert.

Stronger Customer Relationships
Social media offers the chance to connect and work with clients to bring them better experiences with your company. By interacting with them directly, through media they like and use, you remove distance and bring the company and customer closer. People can put a face with a name.

You can also get feedback directly from your customers. Poll them about a new service or product they’d like to see – then act on it! You’ll show that you really do listen, and that you’re committed to meeting customers’ actual needs.

New Media & SEO Specialist, Copywriter