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If you’re ever craving the latest news here at Key Web Concepts, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll give you the low-down on new search engine algorithms, social media updates, web design trends & internet marketing tips. We’ll even introduce you to the office newbies. From general musings about our industry to hot topics within the office, our blog provides insight to the way we think, how we work & what’s on the horizon.

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5 Reasons You Should Work with a Local Web Design Company: A Cautionary Tale

The blog posts we write tend to be inspired by the weekly office goings-on: concerns that resurface again and again, exciting news (redesign, anyone?!), occasionally new team members, and quite often, real client stories that we just can’t shake.   Last week we met with a client who had been scammed by a web design…

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Data servers while working. LED lights are flashing. Can represent cloud computing, information storage, etc. or can be the perfect technology background

Behind the Scenes: Choosing a Web Hosting Company

It ain’t all SEO sunshine and Pantone rainbows over here at KWC. (It is all kitten GIFs and party parrot Slackmojis, though.) Sometimes we have to talk about the less glamorous, but even more essential, aspects of web design—specifically the behind-the-scenes show-running that is web hosting. See Emerge’s most recent post for a more thorough…

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Crafting Content that Speaks for Your Business

If I were to ask you about your new website, you would probably tell me about the fresh layout, user-friendly navigation, and vivid photos. Because I’m a copywriter, I’d say “Neat! But what about your content?” And I can all but guarantee you’d assure me that your SEO/meta tags/Google Analytics are under control—which is great,…

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tips for writers block

The Cursor Works for You: Breaking out of Writer’s Block

Content creation can be a real beast. You sit down and think, “what best describes my company and its services?” and draw a blank. You should know exactly what to say, but sometimes it doesn’t come out right and you continue staring at your blinking cursor that loves to mock you. This type of anxiety…

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Embrace the Scroll: Breaking Down Content for Real People

While blocks of text explaining every detail of a process or a service would undoubtedly be informative, it can also be incredibly boring. Let’s take explaining tree removal, for example: “A hurricane just blew through your beloved backyard, and you look out the window to find that an old, decrepit oak tree took a nosedive…

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