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Why Social Media is Beneficial for your Business

  • Ashley Cottrell
  • Jul 29, 2016


What started as a basic form of online networking for college students soon evolved into a worldwide phenomenon. Dozens of social media platforms have risen over the past few years, resulting in the average person spending majority of their time and attention on social media. Nowadays, it’s rare if a person or company doesn’t use some form of social media mechanism. Are you weighing your options of having a social media profile for your company or business? Well, we won’t tell you it’s mandatory to have one, however, the following benefits may convince you it’s highly recommended.

Increases Inbound Traffic

Outbound marketing isn’t as necessary as it used to be. With today’s society heavily dependent on social media for news and interests, users are more likely to come to your page. Every social media profile you create is an opportunity to reach a new visitor. Without social media, you’re most likely limited to people already familiar with your brand.

Better Search Engine Rankings

As mentioned in our previous blog, top search engines, such as Google and Bing, are starting to catch on to rankings of social media presence. Social media platforms have made their way into search engine result pages (SERPs).

Increases Brand Recognition

Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest and a dozen of other social networking sites all have the ability to interconnect. Users are able to follow, tag, repost or share content that interests them across different networks. Whether it’s a video commercial, product review, updates or simply your company website, recognition of your business and services can be one click away from reaching thousands of new viewers.

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Improves Trust and Loyalty

In her article for Huffington Post, Saudia Davis, Founder and CEO of Greenhouse Eco-Cleaning, explains that a strong social media presences gives your brand a personality, which helps to better engage with customers. According to The Content Factory, engaging and interacting on social media can make a business look more personable, which helps build trust.

Cuts Marketing Costs

Unlike commercials, radio air time, and newspaper ads, creating a social network page is absolutely free. Strategically, as explained by Marketing TechBlog, many startup companies have been able to grow and flourish through social media promotion.

Improves Customer Service

Nowadays, customers can reach out to businesses via social media for questions or concerns, in which anyone who follows is also able to view. says that this is a great way for companies to strengthen their relationship with their customers. It’s a great source for quick and kind responses to their needs, and for an audience to see your commitment to serve them.

Helps Reach your Target Audience


Platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook display a user’s education level, interests, location and other information. Having a social media profile allows businesses to locate and connect with potential customers and group pages of their specific target audience.





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